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Bygger kunskap och laddstationer

This project is building a charging infrastructure in northern Sweden. The goal is to develop a properly scaled and well-integrated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in northern Sweden.

Different types of charging stations for electric vehicles are being built. A total of 5 quick chargers, 15 semi-quick chargers, 8 normal chargers and 2 bus chargers. More charging stations are being equipped with solar cells. The first quick-charger was launched in the autumn of 2016 in Piteå.

An improved charging infrastructure will allow travel with an electric car throughout northern Sweden. Increased availability and freedom of choice for private motorists and business owners to operate vehicles with renewable electricity will enable the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from transport.

The exchange of experience of what it’s like to drive an electric car in areas with special challenges lowers the threshold for converting to electric cars as an alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles. This contributes to the transition to a low carbon vehicle fleet throughout northern Sweden, even in rural areas.

SiSL Feasibility Study in Västernorrland

During the autumn of 2016, we conducted a feasibility study in the county of Västernorrland. We visited all municipalities along with the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland to provide information and answers to questions about how electric cars could become an option. The discussions concerned the best places to install charging stations and how funds could be raised to contribute to the investment. Several of the visitors had already applied for investment support in September. In addition, several stakeholders are interested in applying later and in combined applications for major projects.

Project partners in Skellefteå August 2016