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4 november, 2014

A synthesis report  is based on info-sheets. This report describes the research and development efforts during the project, discusses practical implementations and limitations of the results, and considers aspects that require further attention to stimulate ongoing development of the forest biomass supply chains. It is electronically available from SLU’s Epsilon database.

Info-sheets summaries results and are written by the researchers.  A tool based on classified and pinpointed forest biomass data and network analysis has been developed.

Work reports
Read the work reports produced during the project!

Newsletters have been published in three languages. They have described the project, seminars and on-going research as well as the bio-economy field, the energy and industry situation and the political framework needed for the development of the biorefinery field. Here you can find them in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Articles in journals and other publications have been published during the whole working time of the project. Researchers have published scientific articles,   and articles that have appeared in conference proceedings and in other newsletters etc.