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NOV 15  |  2016  

Seminar about the forest; Skogen idag och i morgon

The seminar was planned together with Spillkråkan, an association for female forest owners in Sweden, SLU and LRF. It was broadcasted from SLU to LRF in Stockholm and to others by link to the target group female forest owners.

NOV 2-4  |  2016  

Terminal workshop in Umeå

A high level target groups for a three-day workshop with speakers and participants from both countries and commercial life has been performed. The purpose was to exchange information and find synergies between BioHub, terminal projects, and commercial terminal stakeholders handling forest biomass.

Forest biomass terminals play an important role in the feedstock procurement chain of a biorefinery/biofuel production facility mainly when it is not possible to procure feedstock directly to the facility or if there is not enough desired feedstock surrounding the facility location. Refinement of biomass at terminal adds value and allows for precision delivery of a tailored product. This terminal workshop dealed with many aspects of the terminal functions.

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NOV 2 |  2016  

BioKokkola, Kokkola

The seminar was arranged by BioHub and BioRaff Botnia in Kokkola as part of the Kokkola Material Week, and it had lecturers from both Sweden and Finland.

Study visit at Umeå Energi