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November 15 |  2017

TransAlgae winner of the Arctic Award

TransAlgae received the Arctic Award in the category sustainable use of resources at the Interreg Nord conference in Luleå November 15. Ida Norberg, BioFuel Region and Francesco Gentili, SLU represented the TransAlgae project.

The motivation:

There is a need of cost effective and sustainable ways to clean waste streams of different sources. Algae are not use in the arctic region for this purpose. The project will contribute to increase the knowledge of algae and develop the algae sector as a part of the bioeconomy. TransAlgae contributes in a very clear way to the main criteria innovation, impact and focus. The focus is cultivation of algae in the Nordic conditions which means a colder and darker climate in the winter season. The developed cultivation system should be robust towards temperature variations during day and night. One important thing is to develop cultivation in different waste streams with the purpose of removing nutrients and carbon dioxide from the waste in a sustainable way. A key issue for investment is the economic sustainability of the algae after cultivation. Therefore, the project will investigate different possible usages of algae after harvesting with the purpose of finding a sustainable value chain with a good market potential.

– We are very happy! This shows that our project is on time and it gives us more energy to together find innovative solutions to the problems we have today, says Ida Norberg, BioFuel Region.

The Arctic Project Awards 2017 competition was launched on the 11th August and closed on the 6th October 2017. The award has been designed to highlight exceptional projects focusing on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area. The competition was open to projects funded by the NPA or NPP, Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord and Kolarctic CBC programmes.

OCTOBER 5 |  2017

Algae open seminar in Bodö

The TransAlgae project arranged an interesting Algae open seminar in Bodö at October 5, 2017. Michael Y. Roleda acted as moderator and presentations from both the TransAlgae project and from other research and networking activities in Nordland were presented.
Program Algae open seminar Bodö October 5 2017

SEPTEMBER 20-21 |  2017

Conference in gender equality

Almost all of the TransAlgae partners met and participated in the gender equality education and conference in Umeå.

JUNE 18-23 |  2017

International Society for Applied Phycology, Nantes

A poster was presented by Michael Y. Roleda (NIBIO) at the conference.

JUNE 10-14 |  2017

European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Stockholm

TransAlgae-project was represented through Francesco Gentili (SLU) with a poster presentation. The conference was very fruitful and new contacts for future collaborations was established.

MAY 10-11 |  2017

Arctic Clustering Event in Skellefteå

The Arctic Project Clustering Event proved itself to be a fruitful platform for new collaborative ideas between projects tackling various “Arctic” challenges.  TransAlgae was represented by SLU, Vasa University, NIBIO and Nattviken Invest. Francesco (SLU) presented TransAlgae in the Bio-Economy Workshop, together with NP-Balans, RENEPRO, WAX, URCHIN and GREBE projects. The other three workshop groups were Energy efficiency, E-Health and Entrepreneurship. The main idea behind this clustering event was to bring together actors from 4 different programs (Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Interreg Nord, Northern Periphery and Arctic programme and Kolarctic CBC) and create more awareness about possible overlapping projects, thus enhancing the efficiency of cooperation. One main reason is the current under-investment in the Arctic region and the EU expectations of results from ongoing programmes and how to make sure to secure enough funding-money in the next EU Investment period starting 2020. TransAlgae received a lot of positive interest and we found several promising collaborative projects with whom we will continue the dialogue, a first outcome might well be a clustering event organized by us.

MAR 23 |  2017

Algae seminar in Vaasa

Welcome to attend the Algae seminar arranged by TransAlgae at the University of Vaasa, Building Fabriikki, lecture room F362A (3rd floor)

TransAlgae kutsu seminaariin 20170323

MAR 23 |  2017

TransAlgae at Vaasa Energy Week

Come and visit and talk to us at our stand A21.

Vaasa Gas Exchange

MAR 22 |  2017 

Project meeting in Vaasa.

FEB 7  |  2017 

Seminar at Kustaktionsgruppen in Vaasa

The TransAlgae project presented at a seminar arranged by Kustaktionsgruppen in Vaasa.

”Hur kan vi stärka fiskerinäringen i Bottniska viken?”

Material can be found here.

OCT 25-26  |  2016 

Project meeting in Härnösand.

JUNE 2  |  2016 

Project kick-off in Holmsund.