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Results TransAlgae

Spring |  2017

A new season for the algae cultivation in TransAlgae

Microalgae is once again cultivated in the pilot unit after the winter season. At SLU, Francesco Gentili is working with microalgae that grows in waste water from Umeå sewage plant. After harvested, the algae biofuel potential is investigated. In the green house, in an open photobioreactor, about 800 litres of waste water is slowly mixed while the algae grow by taking up nutrients and carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. About once a week, algae are harvested by using centrifugation and further analysed. In TransAlgae, some algae have been sent to Novia in Vasa for investigation of the biogas potential and some algae have been sent to Mid Sweden University for investigating the algal potential as a biofuel.

During the winter time, the biomethane potential has been initially investigated at Novia. Andreas Willfors and Thomas Andersson has recieved microalgae from SLU and macroalgae from NIBIO for digestion experiments. The results from the first experiments are most promising for macroalgae. Coming up is to test different pre-treatment methods and co-digestion of algae with other substrates. Read more about biomethane potential in InfoSheet No3 and No4.

Harvesting experiments of micro algal biomass has been done at Univesity of Vaasa. Liandong Zhu has written two InfoSheets (No2 and No5) that explains some of his work about harvesting.

The equipment for investigating the biomethane potential.

Autumn  |  2016

Algaea cultivation and harvesting


A new cascade cultivation unit has been built in Härnösand, by Nattiviken Invest.
It has been up and running cultivating microalgaes during the summer 2016. It is now being optimized for the next cultivation season that starts in late spring.

The cultivation unit built by SLU


SLU in Umeå has built a new photobioreactor for cultivation of micro algae at VAKIN (the waste water company in Umeå). Algae is cultivated in waste water. The harvested microalgae is going to be digested at Novia to investigate the biogas potential.



Cultivation of microalgae in laboratory scale has also been started at University of Vaasa. Different harvesting methods is being investigated.


At NIBIO in Bodö, macroalgae has been cultivated and harvested in a tank system. Wild grown macroalgae has also been harvested and its biogas potential will be tested at Novia.

Macroalgae in Bodö