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2013.11.06 Umeå

19 november, 2014

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Demonstration in field and seminar – Young dense thinnings

Ten years of research and development on methods and techniques for biomass harvesting in young dense stands has been successful. We arranged a combined field demonstration and seminar in Umeå where we showed knowledge and experiences from this fruitful work. Organising partners were Cluster of Forest Technology, SLU and BioFuel Region and the projects; INFRES, Forest Refine.

Voices from the field demonstration

Written documentation about the demonstration and the seminar

Presentations from the seminar
  • Forest operations research in EU, Tomas Nordjell, SLU  Download here!
  • Present problems and future potential for the forest bioenergy sector in Sweden. Johanna Wallsten and Tomas Nordfjell Forest Biomaterials and Technology, SLU. Download here!
  • Research and development of techniques and systems for harvesting young forests. Dan Bergström, SLU Download here!
  • Innovative harvesting technologies for young forests. A bundle harvester system for early thinnings – the Fixteri concept. Yrjö Nuutinen, Metla  Download here!
  • New Silvicultural regimes – Managing young forests for high biomass production. Kristina Ahnlund Ulvcrona, SLU. Download here!
  • Effects of boom-corridor thinning on production and economy and other silvicultural aspects. Urban Bergsten, SLU. Download here!
  • What are the industry requirements? Jonas Joelsson, Processum. Download here!
  • Bark as a feed stock – systems, properties and handling aspects Juha Nurmi, D.Sc, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla). Download here!