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City of Miskolc

2 juni, 2015

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Miskolc-Egyetemváros 2015 Consortium (Municipality of Miskolc, University of Miskolc). The City is member in ICLEI and Green City movement, and just joined the Covenant of Mayors. Different organisations in Miskolc were formerly partners for Open Days and the city was the location of local events for two times.

Municipality of Miskolc is committed to the development of sustainable energy system and RES-based capacity building. Our innovative RES-based district heating system was recently awarded with Greennovation Award. Actually we utilize biomass, geothermal energy and landfill gas in the heating system with a 60 MW potential. In line with the governmental expectation we plan to expand our production capacity with 14 MW and to develop the grid during the next years. Biogas is one of the key renewable resources of the future smart grid in Miskolc.


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Local event – Presentation & workshop: “Europe in my city: Regional forum on Smart and Sustainable Miskolc

08.10.2015 (10.00 am -14.00 pm)
3525 Miskolc, 8 Városház Square (Ceremonial Hall)

The Municipality of Miskolc has committed itself to the utilization of the renewable energy sources, to the environmental protection, to the sustainable development and to the environmental awareness raising of the citizens. The aspects of the “Green City” and the “Smart City” has been taken into consideration to the strategy and action plan building, and to the city development projects.

The municipality of Miskolc has relevant experience in biogas production and utilization. The landfill gas of the reclaimed landfill of Miskolc is used at the district heating system of the city. The Water Supply Company of the city realized a biogas utilization project on sewage basis. The Public Transport Company of the Municipality decided to purchase CNG buses in the near future which will be able to use biomethane as well. The Waste Management Company of the city is taking part in an R+D project with the researchers of the University of Miskolc targeting the energetic usage of municipal solid waste.

We are planning a workshop at the Ceremonial Hall of the Municipality with a plenary session about the good practices, plans and the projects realized in Miskolc in the field of sustainability and biogas. After the plenary session we organize a round table session with the representatives of the University, economics, industrial sector and the Municipality. The main focuses of the round table session are Sustainability and renewable energy utilization at the industrial sector and Micro-regional renewable energy based territorial development.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]