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City of Cork

2 juni, 2015



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City of Cork and Gas Network Ireland

We are trying to start a biogas industry, mainly waste to gas. We have some demonstration projects, including injection of biomethane to the grid. We want to present our ideas to a wider group – and to get politician aware of the possibilities.

Laura Gil Carrera
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Local Event – Workshop and demonstration project:
Turning farm waste into fuel for transport and commercial sites
via virtual biomethane pipeline

Organisors: Gas Networks Ireland and Renewable Gas Forum Ireland, City of Cork


-Ian Kilgallon – Gas Networks Ireland (Green Gas) and Renewable Gas Forum
-Laura Gil Carrera – Gas Networks Ireland & University College Cork (Green Gas Research)

The Republic of Ireland has a great potential for biomethane production and utilization, especially from agri-waste and farm based biogas plants. Targeting agri-waste as a source for biogas would help Ireland to meet the Renewable Energy Targets, mitigate the green gas house emissions, reduce the waste disposal and grow the local and indigenous economy in the country. The majority of biogas sources is remote from the gas grid in Ireland, and thus represents a challenge and an opportunity in getting to market (customers and filling stations). To overcome these issues a virtual biomethane pipeline demonstration project has been developed. Such virtual pipeline transport solution is critical to develop the wider green gas industry in Ireland.

On the 22 of September a workshop and exhibition will be organized at the National Ploughing Championship. A demonstration of the full chain of biogas (from production to utilization) is critical to increase awareness and interest within the public. At the exhibition site two demonstration biogas plants (lab scale & mobile small scale anaerobic digester) and CNG vehicles will be showed. As well as the technical and economic challenges of the virtual biomethane pipeline and practical details. This workshop will demonstrate the huge potential for Ireland’s growth in this field.

Target groups of participants: 

Biogas producers, biogas customers, local authorities, academia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]