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Arne Smedberg

+46 70-817 42 30

Bachelor of science in System science and Marketing and MBA in quality management, Umeå University

Since 2010 Mr. Arne Smedberg has been CEO of BioFuel Region. Arne has 20+ years of experience in the energy field. He was previously regional manager for Svensk Energi, an industry organisation representing 380 Swedish utility and energy companies. He has worked as an engineer in process industries and worked with quality management for SMEs and energy companies. He has also worked with economic visualisation for companies in different branches and has been manager for an adventure company in the mountains.

Anna Säfvestad Albinsson


+46 70-615 05 05

MSc. Environmental planning and design, Luleå Technical University   

Anna Säfvestad Albinsson is senior project manager for the area Low Carbon Vehicle Fleet. She is an experienced project manager for several EU projects of different sizes and has specialised in coordinating complex project consortia. Anna has very good communication skills and has been responsible for communication and dissemination of information in the BioGaC Action. This has included activities on local, regional, national and EU level. Presently, she is coordinating a regional EU-funded project deploying infrastructure for fast charging of EVs in the region. Her expertise ranges from waste water and nuclear waste management, district heating, EVs and biofuels, especially biomethane. Anna is popular moderator for both small workshops and large events.

Magnus Matisons

+46 70-352 44 94

Master of Science in Forestry.
PhD work and several scientific publications in the area of forest energy systems.

Magnus Matisons is senior project manager for focus area Bio-economy with 20 years of experience from work with different aspects of forestry/forest energy supply chain from within and outside of academia. Magnus has experience managing a wood pellet mill and raw material logistics in Latvia. He has also worked with international trade in pellets. He has coordinated the EU-funded (Interreg Botnia-Atlantica) projects Forest Power and Forest Refine between partners in Sweden and Finland. The overall aim of these projects has been to analyse and cut costs in the forest biomass supply chain to CHPs and forest biorefineries.

Today, Magnus is developing a network between biomass terminal stakeholders in Sweden and Finland in the project BioHub. He is also coordinating a national bio-economic communication network including regional representatives from throughout Sweden. The goal with the network is to mobilise regional bio-economic stakeholders and to support national and European work with bio-economic strategies. The network is working in close cooperation and delivers support to regional EU offices. Magnus is also one of 29 members of the EU Bio-economy Stakeholders Panel.

Barbro Kalla


Master of Arts (MA) in languages education, Umeå University
Media and Communication, Umeå University

+46 70-683 04 27


Barbro Kalla began her career educating teenagers in language. She then worked 15 years as consultant providing competence-enhancing services to companies, NGO’s, municipalities and regional bodies, who were entering the world of sustainable development. Her international expertise focuses on transfer of knowledge among project partners and reaching out to external target groups. She draws on her experience from the public sector, business and research and development. A lifelong mission has been to provide children and young adults the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to play a constructive role in the current and future transition of society towards sustainability. She has worked at BioFuel Region since 2012 with both strategy and implementation of communication plans, including gender and gender mainstreaming.

Today, Barbro is developing ways to communicate research results to people outside academia. Current work includes two scientific disciplines and two countries. The overall aim of these projects has been to analyse and cut costs in the forest biomass supply chain to today’s industries and future forest biorefineries. The transfer of knowledge is aiming to integrate research findings into practice. Ongoing assignments for Barbro are also working to influence opinions to strengthen the bioeconomy and the development of alternative fuels in northern Sweden.



Johan Lagrelius


+46 70 345 25 56

Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering Biology, Linköping Technical University (LiTH)
Master of Arts (MA) in Science Journalism, Umeå University.

Johan Lagrelius is project manager focused mainly on electromobility and a low carbon vehicle fleet. He complements the BioFuel Region project management portfolio with expertise in mobility management, sustainable living and sustainable construction. Johan has experience of coordinating large international EU projects with over 30 partners, e.g. EU FP5 projects developing and clinical testing HIV vaccines.

He has excellent communication skills and experience as responsible for coordination, communication and dissemination of the Sustainable Ålidhem project, which won the Sustainable Energy Europe (SEE) Award 2013 in the category Sustainable Living and won the national Energy Globe Award. Presently, Johan is communications manager for a regional EU-funded project deploying infrastructure for fast-charging of EVs in the region. He is contributing author of a book on Sustainable Urban Development in Sweden written in English.

(Svenska) Lena Jonsson

Project Manager
+46 703061540

Ida Norberg


+46 70 331 54 31

Technical Doctor (PhD) in Fibre- and Polymer Science, KTH. “Carbon fibres from kraft lignin”
Master of Science (MSc) in Technical Chemistry, Umeå University.  

Ida Norberg is project manager in the Bioeconomy field. She has many years of experience from research in the biorefinery area, primarily focused on lignin. Ida has also worked in the agricultural field with, for example, bioenergy and biogas. During the daily work at BioFuel Region, Ida’s experience serves as a bridge between R&D and business and society. Ida has excellent skills as a project manager and is currently coordinating the EU-funded project TransAlgae.