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BioBoosters – Boosting the Circular Transition

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About BioBoosters

The BioBoosters project connects 9 regions with strong ecosystems for innovation in the bioeconomy with the aim of facilitating and contributing to new business opportunities for companies in the Baltic Sea region. The method for achieving this is by conducting Hackathons.

Within the framework of the project, 18 Hackathons will be organized. Each individual Hackathon will be led by a leading bioeconomy company that provides a challenge focusing on finding opportunities for unutilized by-products or system optimizations to utilize energy, raw materials, or waste streams in a more value-creating way. The challenges will be sourced from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an innovation competition that starts with an open call where a company presents a problem they need help solving. Then, all teams with potential solutions have the opportunity to present their case. Based on this, the teams with the greatest potential to solve the challenge are selected and offered support from mentors in various relevant areas to refine their idea. The hackathon process may also include team building to strengthen the team’s skills. The teams then compete in a hackathon event where they pitch their solution to the challenge to a jury consisting of experts from the company posing the problem as well as key mentors.

If you want to learn more about Hackathons and the process, click here.

Now we are seeking a new challenge provider for autumn 2024!

During autumn 2023, our first hackathon process took place where Holmen Skog provided the challenge. This challenge revolved around how to transform wood ash – a by-product from their biofuel boilers created during the heating and drying of sawn timber – from waste into a valuable resource. Biocompost AB emerged as the winner, with a solution involving incorporating the ash into their composting process. Read more (in Swedish) here.

Listen (in Swedish) to Marcus Kyrk, project manager at Holmen Skog, as he shares his experiences of being a challenge provider.

What’s the benefit for those who solve the challenge?

All challenges offer companies, innovators, start-ups, or researchers the opportunity to submit their proposals for solutions, and the winner will be offered some form of collaboration with the challenging company. Depending on the business viability of the solution, this could include a business partnership, initiating a joint project, or a pilot project to test the proposed idea. 

Read about the rules of participation below.