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BioBoosters – Boosting the Circular Transition

Om projektet Övriga hackathons höst 2023

HolmenHackathon – Ash to assets

Have you ever wondered about the untapped potential hidden in everyday by-products? At Holmen, we’re diving deep into one specific query: How can we transform wood ash – a by-product from our biofuel boilers created during the heating and drying process of wood – from waste to wonder?

We invite you to become part of this unique opportunity to tackle our challenge. Together with Holmen’s experts and the companies in our BioBoosters network, you will have the opportunity to develop innovative methods and solutions.
For this Hackathon, the application period has closed.

Timeline for HolmenHackathon

26 September – Launch webinar

20 October – Call closes 

14 November – Kick-off for the selected solutions providers

7-8 December – Hackathon days in Umeå when the winner is announced


Read the whole invitation to the challenge below together with the rules of participation.

We start with 4 challenges!

This fall, we are launching 4 hackathons in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia, with BioFuel Region’s first hackathon partnering with the company Holmen. Our goal is to create new collaborations and businesses to further expand the bioeconomy in Sweden and the Baltic Sea region! Nine countries around the Baltic Sea will work together to find solutions to eighteen challenges over the next two years. Each hackathon begins with a launch webinar where the challenge is presented. Now, we want to encourage everyone with ideas that can solve these challenges to participate! 

What’s the benefit for those who solve the challenge?

All challenges offer companies, innovators, start-ups, or researchers the opportunity to submit their proposals for solutions, and the winner will be offered some form of collaboration with the challenging company. Depending on the business viability of the solution, this could include a business partnership, initiating a joint project, or a pilot project to test the proposed idea.