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Swedish regions for a bioeconomy

Swedish regions for a bioeconomy
The project known as “Sweden’s regional communication platform for bioeconomic development” was launched in the summer of 2007 and continues until 2020. It is financed by the regions and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth with a budget totalling SEK 3.6 million.

Commited regions
The regions have been main initiators for increased cooperation. The objective is to involve every Swedish region wanting to meet its energy and climate goals by means of the bioeconomy, thereby supporting regional development.

The goal is to

  • strenghten regional and public awareness of the bioeconomy as a way to support regional development efforts and thus strengthen relevant industries
  • through collaboration, be heard and participate in the political processes underway in both Sweden and the EU
  • help Swedish companies within the bioeconomy achieve greater potential for continued profitability, faster pace of innovation and increased investments

Better results through collaboration 

Decisions that promote development of the bioeconomy require knowledge of each region’s potential. This knowledge exists, but must  be communicated both in Sweden at large and throughout the EU. Many of Sweden’s regions are already monitoring bioeconomic policies and stimulating development locally.

We can increase our effectiveness considerably throughout collaboration. Current issues in the EU, such as upcoming regulations affecting how forests and other bio resources can be used, are something we need to pay more attention to. Collaboration is also important for developing regional food strategies.

For more information:

Magnus Matisons
Project Coordinator, BioFuel Region
+46 70 352 44 94

Here you can find the official webpage