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We are working in various ways to reach our goal of a well-developed bioeconomy. Our focus is to contribute to solutions built around biomass from forests, and we have been working on this for many years.

What is a bioeconomy?

It’s time to replace the current economy based on finite resources, such as coal and oil, with a bioeconomy. This involves producing food, feed, bio-based products, services and bioenergy from renewable raw materials based on local conditions and taking advantage of what we think of today as waste.

Why a bioeconomy?

This is how we can cope with an increasing global population, rapid depletion of many resources, increasing environmental overloads and climate change.

Current projects

BioHub, Bioeconomy – Swedish regions for a bioeconomy and TransAlgae


In our projects we develop knowledge that we disseminate to our members and partners and publish on our website.


Together with others, we are working to ensure and advance the development of products that are based on biomass from the forest. Jointly influencing forest policy nationally and in the EU is one way for us to ensure that our aims receive support in future decisions about policy. The goal is to allow the region’s research and development of products to reach the market.

Magnus Matisons is one of four representatives of Sweden on the EU’s Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel. The panel has produced a manifesto for the bioeconomy and are making an effort to contribute to European efforts on bioeconomy issues.