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European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Manifesto

We are delighted to be able to forward you the final text of the Bioeconomy Panel’s Manifesto, as agreed by its members following their last meeting on 6 July and the Manifesto was publiced at the Bioeconomy policy day, 16 November in Brussels, with the participation of Commissioner Moedas.

The Manifesto is the result of 12 months collaborative and inclusive dialogue amongst the panel members.
The panel was deliberately selected to represent a broad range of members (including regions, NGOs, Academia, Technology Platforms and Industry, amongst others) with an equally broad range of interests and objectives.
Therefore, their joint manifesto also seeks to represent a wide range of perspectives and priorities, to the greatest extent possible, whilst at the same time aiming to align on a number of common guiding principles and commitment to joint actions.

The panel considers that the value of the resulting manifesto lies in its unique representation of this broad range of interests and objectives and considers that it also confirms a commitment to continue open, transparent and inclusive dialogue around the sustainable development of the Bioeconomy for the future.

The panel members have signed off the document with their names and the logos of the organisations that they represent, confirming their contribution to the process. We hope that, once published, the document will serve as a useful reference to you also and to regions, member states, the European institutions and all others involved in contemplating the principles and priorities for the future development of the Bioeconomy.

Magnus Matisons, BioFuel Region
Member of the stakeholder Panel