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Innovative governance models

BIOMODEL4REGIONS aims to support the establishment of the innovative governance models at local/regional level to achieve better-informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation to support and strengthen EU and international science-policy interfaces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The methodology is based on the set-up of a governance structure among bioeconomy clusters that will leverage on previous successful projects, initiatives, and best practices to capitalise on work performed through several years of research and studies in the field of bioeconomy. These results will be demonstrated within the project to support 6 pilot regions chosen in clusters’ network.

The goal to achieve the climate objectives outlined in the European Green Deal can only be reached thanks to the involvement of regional and local authorities, primary producers, SMEs, civil society organisations including NGOs, knowledge providers and consumers. It will require the development of new governance models featuring a public administration that moves beyond traditional working methods to a more cross-cutting, integrated and stakeholder-driven way of working, as well as the shift to a more sustainable consumption.