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FAIR – Elflyg

Finding Innovations to Accelerate Implementation of Electric Regional Aviation

The FAIR -project researches new possible flight routes and the social and economical benefits of implementing them in the Kvarken region. Main objective is to develop efficient commercialization models and help the region to realize them by introducing private and public sector innovations.


1 087 500 EUR, whereof EU will pay 60% through funding via the Interreg Botnia-Atlantica programme. The rest of the funding comes from national and regional co-funding, from the Nordic Council of Ministers and from municipal and private co-funding.

The Kvarken Council (Lead Part) | Umeå University | University of Vaasa | BioFuel Region | RISE | Region Västerbotten

Interreg Botnia-Atlantica (application sent) | Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (application sent) | Region Västerbotten (application sent) | FAB Kronoby Flyghangar | INTO Seinäjoki | Swedavia, Umeå Airport | Skellefteå Airport AB | Örnsköldsvik Airport AB | City of Vaasa | Vaasa Region Development Company, VASEK | Umeå Municipality | Storumans Flygplats AB | Lycksele flygplats AB | MidtSkandia | Skellefteå Kraft AB | Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce | Handelskammaren Västerbotten | South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce | Vaasan Sähkö Oy

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