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FAIR – Event

Here you will find events organised within the project, both upcoming as well as already arranged (if they have been online and been recorded).

Upcoming events:

There are no scheduled events at the moment. When there is it will be updated here.

Previous events:

2021-06-15 FAIR: Competence Network Webinar #5:
Public Procurement of flights in Sweden and Finland

2021-04-21 FAIR: Competence Network Webinar #4:
Rolls-Royce & Avinor on the topic of sustaniable aviation. 

2021-03-17 – FAIR & Czech solutions for electric aviation – Digital Conference

For more information about this conference, visit the event page on the project main webbsite.

2021-01-29 FAIR: Competence Network Webinar #3:
Electric propulsion systems – Shaping the future of the aviation industry and changing how the world views transportation

2020-12-01 FAIR Competence Network Webinar #2:
Heart Aerospace on the Technical Development of Electric Aviation

2020-11-02 FAIR: Competence Network Webinar #1

2020-10-06 FAIR Kick-Off:
The FAIR way of Traveling in the Kvarken Region