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Progress in cooperation since 2003

2003 – 2007 Bioenergy from forest 1 and 2
  • How can biomass be utilized in the future?

The first cross borderproject was the 2-year “Bioenergy from forest 1” project, launched in 2003 with a budget of 860 000 €.  Interreg. Read more!

In 2005 a 2-year follow-up project, “Bioenergy from forest 2”, was launched with the same partners and a budget of 1 000 000 € from the same providers. Building on the knowledge gained from the previous project. Read more!

2009-2011 Forest Power
  • How can we harvest, store, transport, chip/crush, upgrade and combust forest fuels more efficiently

Forest Power project, which consisted of 10 partners from Finland, Sweden and Norway, had a budget of 4 400 00 €.

2012-2014 Forest Refine
  • How can raw material from the forest be part of the transition towards renewable fuels and new products?

The overall objective was to acquire knowledge of ways to optimize biomass supplies for refineries in the Botnia-Atlantica Region from existing, planned or potential procurements areas. All the results are compiled into a final paper, Synthesis report: Forest Refine, 2012-2014”. The project has been unique in its aim and scope, and the results presented plays an important role for developing the coming biobased markets in the BA region.