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Fossilfritt Norr

Our work to take actions against climate change includes Sweden’s goal of a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030, and, this will require several sustainable fuels as alternatives to diesel and petrol. Here we show what we are doing to achieve BioFuel Region’s goal of a low-carbon vehicle fleet. This new network includes all fuels as well as the networks that we have operated for a long time: Biogas Norr and Elfordon Norr.

Biogas Norr

Biogas Norr is the network that BioFuel Region has operated since 2010. We are working to put biogas in northern Sweden on the map. Those involved include stakeholders from municipalities, universities and industry, all with a passion for biogas and vehicle gas.

Our mission is to support and coordinate initiatives to increase production and the market for biogas in northern Sweden. We keep in touch with networks in the rest of Sweden, organise annual network meetings and disseminate knowledge about biogas. With this as a basis, we start new projects in which we match members’ needs with project funds.

Elfordon Norr

We operate the Elfordon Norr network, through which we have promoted e-mobility since 2010. We are working on issues concerning procurement, usage, vehicle economies, tests, behaviours and charging infrastructure.

Current projects

SiSL Upper Norrland is a project in which we are working with municipalities and companies to promote e-mobility including to construct charging stations for electric cars from Kiruna to Vännäs.

In autumn 2016 we, along with the County Administrative Board, conducted a preliminary investigation in Västernorrland, SiSL Mellersta Norrland, to determine where charging stations should be built and who is interested in doing so.