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Production of algae for a fossil free future

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Is it possible to cultivate algae in a Nordic climate and then use them as a fuel in your car? This is one of the questions that are going to be explored by the researchers and entrepreneurs in the TransAlgae project.

Project goal

The overall goal with the TransAlgae project is to find new solutions for renewable energy and products from algae grown in a Nordic climate.

You can find the project in one minute here: 


The TransAlgae movie


Why algae?

One of the greatest features with algae is that they can utilize waste streams for growing, which makes it a capturer of nutrients and carbon dioxide. This is beneficial for the environment and climate. In this project both microalgae that grows in fresh water and the sea water growing macroalgae are used for cultivation.

Cross-border project

This is a cross-border project in the Botnia-Atlantica region. It is four partners in Sweden, two in Finland and one in Norway.