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Our members

Our members are municipalities and companies in Sweden’s four northernmost counties, and we welcome all who want to contribute to a well-developed bioeconomy and a fossil-free vehicle fleet.

We are always on the lookout for what can provide the most benefit for our members, and for this we need our members experience and to find out what challenges we should take on together.

Arne Smedberg, CEO
+46 70-817 42 30


Benefit for our members:

Long-term goals

  • to join with others in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • to strengthen climate and environmental efforts


  • monitoring developments in our field
  • seminars and lectures
  • reports and knowledge base for decision-making in the region

Network & business contacts

  • access to expert knowledge in the public sector, industry and research and development
  • contact with useful networks in northern Sweden, nationally and in Europe


  • project invitations
  • multiplying the value of membership fees through joint projects
  • monitoring financing options

Marketing members:

  • in our news
  • at our seminars
  • on our website and in our presentations


  • at regional, national and EU levels
  • referral body for strategic documents for the region