Member States will have until 2025 to implement the regulation and for those who trade in forest products, the regulation could be extensive. NSPA represents some of the most forest-rich regions in Europe and therefore wants to bring together EU policymakers and bioeconomy stakeholders to discuss the implications of the legislation.  

The seminar is moderated by North Sweden’s project manager in bioeconomy, Carina Christiansen. Together with a panel av experts the seminar aims to address questions such as: 

  • What challenges may arise during the implementation of this regulation?  
  • What are the key elements to apply to the business to meet the requirements?  
  • How could the regulation affect the development of the bioeconomy and the circular economy in Europe?  


Gordon Murray, Executive Director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada  

Maija Rantamäki, Manager of International and EU Forest Affairs from Finnish Forest Industries  

Jonas Larsson, Head of Customer Supply Center Södra Cell International

Sara Nordin, Partner at White & Case Lawfirm

Kelsey Perlman, Forest and Climate Representative at Fern (TBC)  

Delphine Sallard, Senior Expert Trade and Environment, European Commission Directorate-General for Trade


The registration to attend the on-site seminar is open until October 23. The registration for on-site participation can be found here 

It is also possible to participate online. The link for online participation can be found here

Read the deforestation regulation here