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Added value

from logging residues

Infosheets Reports Short about the project

In May 2021 when we started this project, we knew that logging residues were rich in green chemicals, but we did not know how to separate the needle-rich fraction and how to extract the high-value chemicals. In September 2022 the project goals have been achieved. We have developed a model of where to find and how much of these chemicals are available in the forest in the Botnia Atlantica region. Interviews with forest companies have shown that procurement of fresh logging residues is possible with alternative value chains. Innovative technology has proven that it is possible to separate fractions rich in green needles and that substantial amounts of high-value chemicals can be extracted. Two companies have confirmed that it is possible to use these chemicals for industrial applications. An unexpected result was that, after the separation of needles, it was possible to use the remaining fraction as growing media.