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Boost Nordic Biogas

Biogas collaboration in a circular economy

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Boost Nordic Biogas takes its starting point from the results of the project Botnia Näring i Kretslopp, where we identified different residual products from biogas production, how they could be produced using recycling techniques, and their function as fertilizers. In the follow-up project Boost Nordic Biogas, the goal is to improve the economic viability of regional biogas production, increase its efficiency, and facilitate the establishment of new plants.

Boost Nordic Biogas focuses on cross-border collaboration and reducing the gap between research and production to promote solutions in the biogas sector. We aim to identify challenges by asking our biogas producers and finding solutions through research, new technology, networks, and knowledge sharing. The goal is to improve the economic viability of biogas production, increase efficiency, and facilitate the establishment of new facilities. We reach out to biogas producers and other entrepreneurs who want to exchange experiences and contribute to development and innovation in the biogas sector in the northern parts of Sweden, Finland, and Norway. End-users include biogas plants, municipalities, farmers, industry organizations, and decision-makers.

Boost Nordic Biogas and Nature Refines are inviting you to a joint study tour in Sweden combined with project meetings:


Boost Nordic biogas will primarily contribute to the Sustainable Development goals 7,9 and 13.