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Pyrolysis of Sludge and Anaerobic Treatment for Biochar Production

On November 22nd, we conducted a highly attended webinar on pyrolysis of sludge and anaerobic treated sludge to obtain biochar. With 82 participants registered (such as researchers, biogas producers, companies and municipalities), the interest was substantial. We wish to extend our thanks to our speakers for sharing insightful knowledge about processes, applications, and future potential.

Welcome & brief introduction Hanna Olovsson, BioFuel Region, and Johan Saarela, Ab Stormossen Oy
Pyrolysis technology and current plants:
Aquagreen, Christian Wieth
Pyreg, Helmut Gerber
EU Regulations, Anders Finnson, Svenskt Vatten
Carbon crediting, Antti Vihavainen, Puro.earth
Current research on biochar, David Gustavsson, VA Syd

More information
If you missed the webinar or would like to revisit the information, please reach out to us. If you wish like to review the report (in Swedish) upon which this webinar was based, you can access it here.

Ida Norberg, ida.norberg[at]biofuelregion.se
Johan Saarela, johan.saarela[at]stormossen.fi